Troops to Teachers 

Teacher Licensure

To obtain a Mississippi teaching license in any subject area, individuals must complete a teacher licensure program. Programs are available at the graduate level and undergraduate level.

There are also alternate route programs that allow individuals to teach full time while completing teacher licensure requirements. To qualify for an alternative program individuals must have a four year degree from an accredited college, and must pass the PRAXIS I and II exams.

MSTTT will counsel you on determining a certification area based on your interests, review your college transcripts, and advise you on the need for teachers in specific certification areas. We will provide study materials and advice on funding options.

Teacher Education Programs

Mississippi degree programs and approved endorsements along with other colleges and universities with teacher education programs may be accessed at this link.

Alternate Route Programs

A comprehensive list of state approved alternate route programs is available at this link.

Praxis Testing

Mississippi requires that all educators pass a rigorous test to comply with licensure guidelines and with the No Child Left Behind standards. The PRAXIS series, offered through the Educational Testing Service, are the tests approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education. This link gives a list of Praxis exams approved in Mississippi as well as ETS contact information

Vocational Licensure

To obtain a vocational license in the state of Mississippi, one must first acquire a teaching position at a local vocational center. Once a teaching position has been secured, an application must be completed and signed by the vocational center director and sent with attachments to the appropriate personnel, as indicated in the application packet. Individuals with a high school diploma up to a doctoral degree may apply for licensure. Depending on the highest degree earned, one must establish expertise in the field to which he/she wishes to teach by documenting a specified number of years of experience in that field.

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