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 2013-14 Preparation Video for AVS Training

AVS Teachers Videos

2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 1 – Getting Started 

2012- 13 AVS Teacher Video 2 - Landing Page and Student Verification
2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 3 – Naming Conventions 
2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 4 – Electronic Upload
2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 5 - Fax Upload
2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 6 - Adding Evidence from My Docs
2012-13 AVS Teacher Video 7 Teacher Scoring and Adding Required Forms

AVS District Administrator Videos

2013-14 District Administrator Video 1 - Login and Registration  
2013-14 District Administrator Video 2 - Landing Page    
2013-14 District Administrator Video 3 - Search Options 
2013-14 District Administrator Video 4 - Report Features

MAAECF New Teacher Training
Module 1:  What's new, Teacher Resource Guide Overview, Steps 1 & 2 of the Assessment Process

Module 2:  Step 3 of the Assessment Process (Identify the MECF Objectives for Assessment)

Module 3:  Step 4 of the Assessment Process (Develop an Instructional Plan)

Module 4:  Steps 5-7 of the Assessment Process (Evidence Collection and Scoring)

Module 5:  Required Forms and Information 

Module 6:  Preparing Electronic Files for AVS

Module 7:  Additional Resources, Best Practice Timeline, and Important Dates

  • MAAECF Veteran Teacher Training

Each video module below will direct teachers who have previously completed the MAAECF process with updates and training for this year. Each video module has an embedded quiz. Records of the completion of the modules and quiz scores will be kept and reported to special education directors and district test coordinators. Each link will take you to the video and quiz. After completion of a module, the user will be brought back to this page.

Module 1: What’s New for 2013-2014? 

Module 2: Let’s Review 

Module 3: Forms 

Module 4: Planning Documents, Lessons Learned, and Important Dates 

MAAECF District Administrator Training

The video module below will give the district administrator updates needed for the 2013-2014 school year.

Online Reports and Appeals Video 2014
District Administrator Training Module

Handouts and Power Points

"This is a link to the SharePoint folder where the handouts and power points used in trainings will be posted."

Online Reports and Appeals PowerPoint 2014

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