Other Required Forms

*indicates that a form must be signed by the special education director and/or the district test coordinator.

MAAESF Homebound Student Form*
Required form for any student who will be assessed through homebound instruction. 

MAAESF Repeat Grade Form*
Required form if a student will be completing the MAAESF on a grade level in which they’ve been previously assessed.

MAAESF Repeat Objective Request Form*
Required form to request permission to repeat an objective on which a student has been previously assessed.

MAAESF Student Transfer Form*
Required form if a student transfers in to a district from either another state or another district in Mississippi.

MAAESF Correction Form*
Required form to correct information found to be incorrect in the AVS system. AVS will open mid-December. Student Correction Forms will not be accepted until after AVS has opened and the district has checked the student data file in AVS.

MAAECF Appeals Form
Required form to submit an appeal of the score of a completed MAAESF. The window to appeal scores is from the receipt of the score until July 31 of each year.


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