Career and College Readiness for the Next Generation

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career is one of two state consortia that are developing a common set of K-12 assessments aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Mississippi is a member of PARCC and serves on the governing board. 

PARCC is an alliance of states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands working together. The CCSS call on students to have not only solid content knowledge but also the skills to apply their knowledge in ways demanded by colleges, careers and citizenship in the 21st century. Measuring the full breadth of the CCSS will require new kinds of tests that measure what matters for students’ futures. Moving to such an assessment system will require re-imagining assessments as we know them.

The next-generation assessment system envisioned by PARCC will have several benefits not found in current assessment systems including benefits to: students, who will know if they are on track to graduate ready for college and careers; teachers, who will receive results to guide learning and instruction; parents, who will have clear and timely information about the progress of their children; states, which will have valid results that are comparable across the member states; and the nation, since the assessments are based on the college- and career-ready, internationally-benchmarked CCSS.

PARCC Vision

PARCC’s assessments will yield significant advantages for educators, state policymakers, and parents and students. The PARCC assessments will measure what matters – the full range of the content and skills called for in the ELA/literacy and mathematics Common Core State Standards. Students will take parts of the assessment system at key times during the school year – closer to when they actually learn the material – giving teachers more timely information so they can adjust instruction and student supports as appropriate throughout the school year. PARCC assessments will also be computer based in order to maximize technology and engage students and to deliver faster turnaround of student results. PARCC’s high school assessments will be developed in collaboration with higher education and will tell students whether or not they are ready for entry-level postsecondary courses. Finally, states in PARCC will adopt common performance standards.

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