Physical Education and Activity Services

Policies and Procedures

Mandate: The MS Healthy Students Act passed by the MS Legislature and signed by Governor Haley Barbour requires the following guidelines for physical education and fitness:  150 minutes of activity based instruction per week in grades K-8 (MS Code §37-13-134). Code §37-151-7 (1999) requires school districts to provide home economics education programs in grades 10, 11 or 12 that contain instruction in preparing students to assume responsibility for their care and guidance with emphasis in physical health.

The 2006 Mississippi Physical Education Framework provides standards for use by all physical education instructors.

Standard 33 of the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards state the basic curriculum of each elementary and middle school to include physical education. In grades 9-12 Standard 20 requires 1/2 Carnegie Unit credit for graduation.

The local school board of each school district shall establish a local school health council for each school, which shall ensure that community values are reflected in the local schools wellness policy to address school health.

Each school in accordance with the 2004 WIC Reauthorization Act must develop and implement a local school wellness policy. One of these commitments must be the commitment to physical education/physical activity.

Mississippi Policies Related to Health Education

  • Physical Education Mandate
  • Requirements for Physical Educators
  • Physical Activity other than Physical Education
  • Coordination / Implementation
  • Healthy Students Act of 2007
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