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The 2006 Mississippi Physical Education Framework provides a planned, sequential K-12 framework that provides cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity areas such as basic movement skills; physical fitness; rhythms and dance; games; team, dual, and individual sports; tumbling and gymnastics; and aquatics. Quality physical education should promote, through a variety of planned physical activities, each student's optimum physical, mental, emotional, and social development, and should promote activities and sports that all students enjoy and can pursue throughout their lives

This framework was designed for Mississippi educators who teach physical education in the public schools. It was developed as a model to provide consistency for physical education programs in the state. The 2006 Mississippi Physical Education Framework uses terminology and a format consistent with other Mississippi subject area curriculum frameworks. It is flexible enough to allow opportunities for creativity by individual teachers.

The mission in quality daily physical education is to provide, as an integral part of the total educational process in Mississippi schools, a sequentially-planned program which is measurable and results in students who:

  • Participate regularly in physical activity;

  • Know the implications of and the health benefits derived from involvement in physical activities

  • Value physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle;

  • Are physically fit; and

  • Learn skills and acquire knowledge necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.


  • 2006 Physical Education Framework

  • Physical Education Evaluation Tool

  • Pecat Physical Education Curriculum Tool

  • Health in Action - This database provides hundreds of health and physical education activity ideas in one central online search site where activities can be viewed, searched, re-sorted, and printed. Written by Mississippi teachers, the lesson plans available on Health in Action are designed specifically to help educators fulfill the requirements of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act.

You've Gotta Move - is an exciting activity-based program designed and delivered as an engaging combination of dance, activity and music for kindergarten to second grade students. 

This video will get kids moving and their hearts pumping as they follow along with Catherine Carter and the You’ve Gotta Move kids. You’ve Gotta Move was designed so that it can be easily and successfully utilized right in the classroom.  Regular use of the DVD will help teachers achieve the competencies set forth by the Mississippi Physical Education Framework and the requirements of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act.

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