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The Bower Foundation
The Bower Foundation is committed to the promotion of fundamental improvements in the health status of all Mississippians through the creation, expansion, and support of quality healthcare initiatives. As a Mississippi non-profit, private corporation, The Bower Foundation provides grants to other exempt organizations. The foundation carefully considers its mission and goals when making grants.

Center for Mississippi Health Policy
The Center for MS Health Policy is an independent non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides objective information to inform health policy decisions.
Childhood Obesity Issue Brief
School Nurse Issue Brief
Childhood Obesity Survey

The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through Education, Advocacy and Research.  With the generous support of the public, the American Lung Association is  "Fighting for Air."  When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow. Affecting more than six million children, asthma is the leading serious chronic illness among American kids and is the number one reason for school absenteeism.  In addition to providing vital research support, the American Lung Association facilitates asthma-care partnerships involving school nurses and educational staff as well as physicians, families and Lung Association volunteers.  Further information regarding asthma effects on students can be found in Healthier Students are Better Learners: A Missing Link in School Reforms to Close the Gap, by Charles E. Basch.

Hattie Mae & Pals Foundation: Building a Better ME! Program
The objective is to actively involve Mississippians in reducing the high rate of childhood obesity through the efforts of an animated program focused on containing childhood obesity in Mississippi. Through the efforts of our national spokesperson and animated character "Hattie Mae", our program will educate and promote wellness and healthful lifestyles for children at risk, and promote good nutrition and exercise, thus mitigating the current upward trend of obesity in the state.

The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi
The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi provides diabetes research, information, patient services and advocacy to the 346,500 Mississippians living with diabetes. 

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi
A strong foundation is vital, whether it is for a building, organization or a community. The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is working to build a healthier Mississippi for generations to come by creating a strong foundation of health and wellness awareness in the state. The Let's Go Walkin' Program has been established to help you improve your health, your mood and your life with the simple act of walking every day. Walking will improve your health, help you breathe easier, build stronger muscles and much more. You’ll get that good feeling that comes from being active, and you will be setting a good example for others. With the simple act of walking, you give a little time and get back so much more.
Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi!

Project Fit America

continues to have a positive impact on children across the state through funding from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation, giving kids the opportunity to get fit and healthy while having fun. Through this support, 164 schools in Mississippi are now benefiting from Project Fit America grants. With the prevalence of childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles, Project Fit America is helping kids get back to the basics with physical activity. The equipment is designed to help improve physical and cardiovascular strength in kids, while classroom-based curriculum teaches healthy choices and promotes self-esteem.  Schools benefiting from the program are reporting significant increases in students’ fitness levels. Some schools have reported as much as a 159 percent increase in students’ cardiovascular fitness and a 92 percent increase in upper body strength. 

For more information about Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Mississippi and Project Fit America, please visit the following links:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation
Project Fit America Home Page
Mississippi’s Project Fit Schools
Mississippi’s Project Fit America’s All-Star Teachers
Project Fit America Lesson Plans

Mississippi Department of Health
The Mississippi Department of Education's Office of Healthy Schools and the Mississippi Department of Health have partnered to provide materials to local school districts to create awareness regarding the West Nile Virus. To download posters, coloring sheets, and bookmarks please visit the Health Education Resource Page. To view a directory of all of the data sets that MSDH has in the area of children's health, visit
The Health Services Data Resource Directory.

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office
The Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Healthy Schools and The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office have partnered to promote The National Association of Attorneys General Resolution in support of Teen Dating Violence. This resolution encourages:
  • Each school district to teach an age-appropriate dating violence curriculum through health education classes.
  • Each school district to develop a dating violence policy to address incidents of dating violence that occur at school and inform parents of such policy.
  • Each school district to provide dating violence training to administrators, teachers, nurses and mental health staff at the middle and high school levels.
Also, The Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Healthy Schools, The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, The Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault are working together to develop age appropriate curriculums to be incorporated in other school subjects.

To view The National Association of Attorneys General Resolution in support of Teen Dating Violence visit

Institutions of Higher Learning

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
The Mississippi Department of Education's Office of Healthy Schools and The Mississippi Development of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks has partnered to promote the No Child Left Inside Program to promote a healthy active lifestyle. 

Also, to provide resources to support a quality physical education program for schools in Mississippi the MDWFP has launched the National Archery in Schools Program. For more information visit or contact:
Waldo Cleland, Chairman, Mississippi Archery in the Schools 601-674-0777
Bob Tyler, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks 601-432-2011
Sharon Miller, Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Foundation 601-432-2011

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Ed Said
Check out Ed's healthy eating message at

New MPB Puppet Encourages Healthy Lifestyle
Hey Kids, It’s Ed Said with a message for your head!

Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) has unveiled Ed Said, a new Web-based program aimed at combating childhood obesity.  Ed Said is a boy who loves to rap about healthy eating.  His message to kids is clear: “It’s not hocus pocus, eating healthy keeps you focused.” 

“Moving with Fruits and Vegetables” is the name of Ed’s first series of webisodes, which educates children about 10 different fruits and vegetables. Ed uses his rhyming skills to incorporate fruit and vegetable facts into songs that children can enjoy. He teaches his friends, The Lunch Bunch, about healthy eating through his catchy songs, which inspire them to create dances. The dances are designed to encourage children at home to participate so they will be compelled to exercise and be active.  

“Grapes are Great,” “Appealing Banana,” “Vision’s So Bright with Carrots,” and “Green Beans in Your Cuisine” are some of the episodes that kids can watch and dance along to on  Children can download the songs and music videos to their computers and iPods and even choose Ed Said-inspired ringtones for their cell phones.

Ed’s creator, CJ Burks, was inspired to develop the program after learning of the work of an elementary school teacher in Corinth named Kay Strickland, who came up with a classroom curriculum called “Moving with Fruits and Vegetables.”


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