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Get the Most Value Out of Your State Health Insurance

The Mississippi State and School Employee’s Life and Health Plan includes certain wellness benefits at 100% of the allowable charge for up to two (2) office visits per year and includes diagnostic tests that are age and gender specific.  These costs are fully covered by the insurance plan, and are not subject to the calendar year deductible.  The participant must participate in the Motivating Mississippi- Keys to Living Healthy program by completing the Health Quotient™ (HQ) health risk assessment each year, prior to receiving wellness services.  Adult dependents that are over the age of 18 must also complete the HQ to receive these benefits.  Dependent children under the age of 18 are eligible for the wellness benefits without completing the HQ.  Any wellness services received prior to completion of the annual HQ are not covered under the plan.   

This insurance coverage provides the ability for employees to receive the periodic services needed for health monitoring and early detection of medical problems.  All employees are highly encouraged to take advantage of these benefits for themselves and their dependents covered under the state health insurance plan.  Print your HQ report and take it with you to your annual exam and discuss the results with your medical provider and create a plan for health improvement for 2011.

After your appointment with your provider, go back into the Motivating Mississippi – Keys to Living Healthy website and use the other wellness resources provided by WebMD that are available to your including:

Health Topics SM – providing you with in-depth assessments and information about specific health conditions, like depression, chronic fatigue and diabetes.

Lifestyle Improvement Programs – self-paced programs providing you with guidance and support when you’re ready to lose weight manage stress, quit smoking or make another positive lifestyle change.

Trackers – tools to help you monitor your progress as you strive toward specific health goals.

If assistance is required with registering or logging-in at the Motivating Mississippi – Keys to Living Healthy website, contact customer service at 866-789-4594.

If you have further questions about the state health insurance plan, please see the following links:

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