Mississippi School Public Relations Association

The Mississippi School Public Relations Association (MSPRA) is a professional, non-profit organization that is devoted to building support for education through responsible public relations. Affiliated with the National School Public Relations Association, MSPRA provides professional development and other services to:

  • Build public support for the best educational opportunities and achievement for all students, and
  • Promote better public understanding of the objectives, accomplishments and needs of education in a diverse society.

The Mississippi Department of Education State Communications Director serves on the board of MSPRA. MSPRA members are school leaders with various responsibilities - superintendents, professional communicators, board members, principals, school foundation and business partnership leaders, education leaders for associations, and numerous consultants who work with educators on all facets of communication.

Now more than ever, school leaders are seeking resources and assistance to solve their communication problems. Leaders know a major key to building taxpayer, staff and board support for quality education is effective communication.

  • Marketing your schools
  • Improving staff communication
  • Engaging the community on key issues
  • Neutralizing pressure groups or dealing with the media during bad times
  • Effectively communicating at the building level
  • Passing a bond or budget referendum, or implementing a school reform program

Benefits of MSPRA membership:

  • Professional affiliation with public relations professionals across the state
  • Instant mentoring opportunities with professionals in the areas of public relations, media relations, communications and educational marketing
  • Professional affiliation with the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents (MASS), Mississippi Association of School Administrators (MASA), and the Alliance of Educational Leaders of Mississippi (formerly the Council of Public Schools)
  • Daily opportunities for "counselors on call"
  • Shared resources on tight budgets
  • Opportunities to share print and media ideas
  • Local, state, regional and national professional development conferences
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