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Applying For a Pin

E-rate applicant PINs are issued to individuals, not to entities.  The authorized person named on one of the following forms can apply for a PIN:

(1) a Form 471 for Funding Year 2 or later that was approved for funding or

(2) a Form 486 for Funding Year 2 or later that was successfully data entered.

The authorized person applying for a PIN must provide an e-mail address.  When an individual requests a PIN, he or she agrees, among other things, that using the PIN is equivalent to a hand-written signature, and that he or she will abide by the terms and conditions regarding the use of the PIN.

If you are an authorized person as described above, you can apply for a PIN in the PIN Request Area of the SLD web site. A PIN request cannot be made unless the SLD already has a signature on file.

In the PIN Request Area, you will be asked to provide certain information to obtain a PIN and to create a User ID. You will also be asked to make certain certifications about the use of your User ID and your PIN.

When you request your PIN online, you will be asked to provide the following information during the PIN application process:

    • Your first and last names
    • Your date of birth
    • The type of form previously signed by you (Form 471 or Form 486) which features at least one funded Funding Request
    • The entity number of the entity identified in Block 1 of the form you selected (Form 471, Item 3 or Form 486, Item 2)
    • One funded Funding Request Number from the form you selected
    • Your User ID (four to 13 alphanumeric characters of your own choosing)
    • Your Pass-Phrase answer (a word or short phrase, such as your mother's maiden name or the name of a pet, used to validate authenticity in the case of a lost or forgotten PIN or User ID)
    • Your Pass-Phrase question (a hint that will help you remember the Pass-Phrase answer)
    • Your e-mail address (for User ID reminders)
    • Your affirmation that you will comply with PIN usage requirements

Your PIN will be mailed to you the next business day in a secure mailer via the United States Postal Service. PINs will only be mailed to you at an address already on file in the SLD database.

If you need further guidance, see the Reference Area of the SLD

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