Summer Program Report Entry Instructions

The screens for those districts who hosted some kind of summer program are available to the District and School Personnel Roles. You can find the screens under Modules -> District/School ->Summer Program Report Entry.

  • Districts tab - select a district if you have a security role in more than one district. 
  • Schools tab - select the school that hosted the summer program. Summer Programs tab - MSIS populates the District and School Fields. 
  1. Enter the SSN for the Principal, MSIS will populate the name. 
  2. Enter Phone Area Code and Phone Number 
  3. Select the type of Program from the drop down menu that you offered (there are lines to report more than one type) - choices include: Enrichment, Regular Extended Year, SPED Extended Year, and Summer School. 
  4. Enter Date Session Begins and Date Session Ends - MSIS will calculate the Total Days in Session 
  5. Enter Military Beginning Time and Military Ending Time (you will need to use a 24 hour clock, ex: 5:00 P.M. = 1700 in Military Time). 
  6. Select Funding Source from the drop down menu. Choices include: Other, SPED, Title I, Tuition, and WIA (Workforce Investment Act). 
  7. Enter Grade Level Served 
  8. Enter Number of Students Served 
  9. SAVE 
  10. If you need to add an additional Summer Program Type, click in the Date Session Begins field. This will allow you to go to the next line. If you need to enter more than three lines, click on the plus sign (+) while your cursor is in the Date Session Begins field and MSIS will add another line. 
  • Employees tab - you can select any employee in MS across the state, they do not have to be associated with your district for the summer programs but they do have to be an active teacher in MSIS. (NOTE: The teacher must be in MSIS Personnel and they must have the proper teacher certification.) 
  1. Query for your teacher. 
  2. Select teacher from list returned by the query. 
  3. MSIS will populate Certificates/Endorsements. 
  4. Enter Course Code - MSIS will populate Course Title and School. 
  5. Enter Hours Per Day. 
  6. Enter Students (this is the number of students in that particular course code). 
  7. Enter Grade Level Lo and Grade Level Hi. 
  8. Select the Program Type from the drop-down menu - choices include: Enrichment, Regular Extended Year, SPED Extended Year, and Summer School. 
  9. SAVE. 
  10. Click in Course Code field to enter additional courses for that teacher. 
  11. To enter additional teachers, begin with a new query and repeat the next steps. Remember if you are offering credits to students in your summer program, you must have 140 hours of instructional time. 

No hard copies of the summer program will be mailed to any districts. ALL districts (even if you have completed your summer program) will need to complete these screens. Accreditation will be reviewing the screens to be sure that everyone is in compliance. 

Also, remember that the Month 10 file is not associated (at this time) with the Summer Program Report screen. The Summer Program Report screen is completed by the hosting school. The M10 file is submitted by the school that owns the student once they have completed the summer program.
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