Monthly Report List

  • Student: Monthly Attendance Pre-Approved Report

  • Student: Monthly Attendance Post-Approved Report

  • Student: Holding Area Absences Report

  • Student: Student Roster Holding Area Report

  • Student: Student Transfer FROM Report

  • Student: Student Transfer TO Report

  • Student: Student Release FROM Report

  • Student: Student Release TO Report

  • Personnel: Summer Program Detail Personnel Listing Report

  • Personnel: General Schedule Listing

  • Personnel: Employee Race/Gender Report

  • Personnel: Detail Personnel Listing

  • Personnel: User Defined Report

  • Personnel: Class Overload Report

  • Personnel :Teacher Schedule Matching

  • Personnel: MAEP Approval Dates by District Name Report

  • Personnel: MAEP Approval Dates by MAEP Submission Date Report

  • Personnel: Required Courses Report

  • Personnel: Accreditation Edit Report

  • Personnel: Minimum Program TU Edit

  • Personnel: Teacher Schedule Not Matching

  • Personnel: Minimum Program Selected Listing

  • Personnel: TU Error List Report

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