Summary Incidents

Incident Types          Incident Descriptions
ASAE                                  Alternative Education after Expulsion
ASCO                                  School District approved Court Order
ASCP                                  Alternative Education after Corporal Punishment
ASFY                                  Begin year at Alternative School
ASGD                                 GED Option
ASHS                                 Alternative Education after Suspension
ASOS                                 Arrest for Crime off School Property
ASPR                                 Parent Request
ASRR                                 Remedial reason
ASSA                                 School Attendance
ASTS                                 Release from Training School
ASLT                                  Assault
BULLY                                Bullying
EXTN                                  Extortion
FIGHT                                 Fighting
GANG                                 Gang-Related
HGUN                                 Hand Gun
HOCI                                   Homicide
KNAP                                  Kidnapping
MYHM                                 Mayhem
PSNG                                 Poisoning
RAPE                                 Rape
RIFLE                                 Rifle or Shotgun
ROBB                                 Robbery
STAS                                  Staff Assault
STKG                                  Stalking
SXBT                                  Sexual Battery
WPOS                                 Weapon possession
ALC                                    Alcohol
BTHR                                  Bomb Threat
DCOND                              Disorderly Conduct
DRUG                                 Possession of Drugs
THEF                                  Theft
TRES                                  Trespassing
VAND                                  Vandalism
NCB                                    Non Criminal Behavior

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