Summary Dispositions

Disposition Types    Disposition Descriptions
ADMIN                              Administrative Discipline
ALSCH                             Alternative School
CORP                               Corporal Punishment
EXP                                   Expulsion
EXPES                             Expulsion with Continuation of Educational Services
ISS                                    In school suspension
JDC01                             Juvenile Detention Center - Adams County
JDC02                             Juvenile Detention Center - Alcorn County
JDC17                             Juvenile Detention Center - Desoto County
JDC18                             Juvenile Detention Center - Forest County
JDC24                             Juvenile Detention Center - Harrison County
JDC25                             Juvenile Detention Center - Hinds County
JDC30                             Juvenile Detention Center - Jackson County
JDC34                             Juvenile Detention Center - Jones County
JDC38                             Juvenile Detention Center - Lauderdale County
JDC41                             Juvenile Detention Center - Lee County
JDC42                             Juvenile Detention Center - Leflore County
JDC44                             Juvenile Detention Center - Lowndes County
JDC57                             Juvenile Detention Center - Pike County
JDC61                             Juvenile Detention Center - Rankin County
JDC75                             Juvenile Detention Center - Warren County
JDC76                             Juvenile Detention Center - Washington County
JDC82                             Juvenile Detention Center - Yazoo County
SUS                                 Suspension  

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