Cerissa Neal, Executive Director, Office of Educator Quality

Marqueta Perkins, Admin. Assistant – Educator Quality        

Educator Misconduct

Amy Daniel, Staff Officer III, Educator Misconduct            

Yameka Henderson, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Ed Misconduct

MS Teacher Center

Tarance Hart, Office Director – MS Teacher Center 

Latawnia Manor, Secretary Admin.           

Lisa White, Educator in Residence – Administrator Evaluation

Tiffany Jones, Division Director Teacher Recruitment           

Tracey Miller, Teacher Recruiter              

Educator Licensure

Demetrice Watts, Division Director II – Educator Licensure             

Erica Coleman, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Licensure       

Deborah Caldwell, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Licensure        

Judy Edmonds, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Licensure    

Tamika Lipsey, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Licensure                             

Juanita Bishop, Projects Officer – Licensure            

Kathy Hallman, Projects Officer – Licensure         

Educator Preparation

Crystal Womack, Division Director II – Teacher and Administration Preparation       

Sandra Hilliard, Ed Specialist, Sr. – Teacher Center            

Teacher Incentive Fund

Albert Carter, Office Director II – TIF

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