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Instrument Developmental Steps

  • A meeting with the instrument development team (AEL) and the leadership of the Mississippi Department of Education was conducted to clarify task requirements and establish the nature of the work to be accomplished.
  • The plan of work was submitted to the Superintendent's Technical Advisory Committee for review.
  • After due consideration, the Committee offered suggested improvements, refinements, and considerations to the instrument developers.
  • The instrument development team crafted the various data collection instruments and scoring procedures. In addition, they created the materials to be used to train evaluators to use the different instruments and procedures.
  • The first cohort of potential evaluation team members was trained in the Fall of 2001 by the instrument developers using the materials they created for the process.
  • The eight evaluation instruments and procedures were pilot tested during the Fall of 2001 in school/districts which volunteered to participate in the development process.
  • Based on the data and feedback received from the pilot test, and the feedback from practitioners, the developers modified the instruments, devised additional data collection instruments and procedures, developed/modified scoring procedures, and modified training materials.
  • The participating schools were given the summary reports at an appreciation luncheon held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jackson, MS.
  • Following the Spring 2002 field test, the instruments and procedures were again examined and refined.
  • In September of 2002, the Mississippi Department of Education, along with the instrument developers (AEL), trained a second group of evaluation team members in the use and procedures of the eight evaluation instruments.
  • The final field testing of these instruments occurred in October 2002.
  • The evaluation instruments, in accordance with SB 2488, of the Mississippi School Accountability Model were fully implemented in Priority Schools beginning the 2003 Academic School Year.

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