School Improvement

The Office of School Improvement (OSI) is responsible for supporting the systemic improvement of the lowest performing schools and districts in the State of Mississippi, as well as all turnaround efforts in the state. Along with this responsibility, the OSI oversees the implementation of state legislation regarding low performing schools (MS Code § 37-18-1 through 7). Mississippi Code § 37-18-1, 3, 5, and 7, originally enacted by Senate Bill 2488 of the 2000 Regular Session, calls for the evaluation of “Schools At-Risk”.  The OSI provides support and oversight for at-risk, priority, focus, and School Improvement Grant (SIG) schools.

What's New

Leading and Lagging Indicators

New Support Structure and Implementation Rubric PowerPoint for Focus Schools

New Support Structure and Implementation Rubric Webinar for Focus Schools

Introduction to New Support Structure and Implementation Rubric Webinar

District Baseline Assessment Process

Sample Agendas for the Baseline Assessment

Baseline Assessment Rubric

Turnaround Rubric (Focus)

Turnaround Rubric (Priority, SIG)

FY 2014 School Improvement Grant Application Information for Committee of Practitioners

School Improvement Grant Tydings Waiver Request April 2015

      Jamilliah Longino, Ed.D.
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