Mattie T Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Inclusive Practices

  • What is inclusion? How does inclusion differ from least restrictive environment (LRE) and mainstreaming?

  • What are supplementary aids and services?

  • Is the inclusion of students with disabilities mandated by IDEA?

  • Do any students have disabilities that are so significant that they should not participate in general education?

  • Who should be included? Who should not be included?

  • Under what circumstances are school districts not required to include students with disabilities in regular classes?

  • Is "placement in regular class" the same as "access to/participation in the general curriculum"?

  • What is the purpose in having students who are reading significantly below grade level in general education classes?

  • Should a student with a disability whose LRE is the regular classroom be included with chronological age peers even if the student’s functioning level is very different from that of peers?

  • Does the LRE mandate apply to Extended School Year (ESY)?

Early Childhood Education

Other Questions Related to LRE and Inclusive Practices

  • How frequently must a student’s placement be reviewed under IDEA?

  • What happens if the parents do not agree with the school district’s proposed special education eligibility ruling?

Teacher Support Team (TST) and Disproportionality

  • What are some reasons the identification rate of Specific Learning Disability (SLD) has grown so rapidly?

  • What is meant by the term cultural difference?

  • How does cultural difference affect early learning?

  • If a district determines that black students are eligible under IDEA in the area of SLD, this will increase the SLD differential. How are districts to address this concern?

  • What steps should directors of special education follow when principals do not require their teachers adhere to the MDE TST guidelines?

  • In our school district, we have an intensive program for students with SLD. They are identified at a young age, taught intensely, and most of them no longer need special e

Students with Emotional Disabilities (EmD)

IEPs in the Context of Least Restrictive Environment

  • How is it possible to simultaneously address IEP goals while also having students in general education classes?

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