Test Security

The primary goal of test security is to protect the integrity of the examination and to assure that results are valid and reliable.  Accurate assessment results depend upon the security and integrity of the tests administered through the Mississippi Statewide Assessment System.

Who is Responsible for Test Security?

Everyone who works with the high-stakes assessments, communicates test results, and/or receives testing information is responsible for test security.  This includes:

  • Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) staff;
  • District Administrators;
  • District Test Coordinators (DTCs);
  • School Test Coordinators (STCs);
  • Students, parents, and the community at large; and
  • Certified and non-certified public school staff.


The Office of Student Assessment has established this Test Security Hotline and Online Reporting Link as a confidential way for students, parents, staff, and community members to share test security concerns directly with the Office of Student Assessment at the Mississippi Department of Education.

You should use the Test Security Hotline and/or Online Reporting Link to report:

  • Cheating and/or questionable test behavior on any of MDE's tests;
  • Accessing questions prior to the test;
  • Taking photos or making copies of test questions or test materials;
  • Posting test questions on the internet (social media or websites);
  • Test Administrators who are not allowing students the proper accommodations based upon their Individualized Education Plan (IEP); or
  • Test administrator and/or test proctor misconduct (such as providing answers and/or questions to test takers, telling students to change their answers, allowing electronic devices to be used during testing, and/or permitting test takers to talk among themselves during testing).

Please click here to access the Online Reporting Link. 


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