The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) purchasing policies and procedures only applies to the department and its special schools: Mississippi School of the Arts, Mississippi School for the Blind, and Mississippi School for the Deaf.

The local school districts for Mississippi will comply with school district purchasing policies and procedures, as well as purchasing statutes found in MS Code 1972, Annotated, Section 31-7-13 as it relates to governing authorities. Should you have purchasing questions pertaining to your school district, contact the Office of School Financial Services at (601) 359-3294 or the State Auditor's Office, Technical Assistance Department at 1-800-321-1275.

If you are interested conducting business with each school district, please contact each school district individually. Click here to obtain Mississippi School District information.

MDE Resources and Forms

Request for Services or Goods Form 

Return of Goods Form

Rental Agreement Form  (Department of Finance and Administration)
State Procurement Card Program (Department of Finance and Administration)

State Purchasing, Travel and Fleet Management Information (Department of Finance and Administration)

Procurement Manual (Department of Finance and Administration)

Procurement Card Services (Department of Finance and Administration)

Purchase Order Change Form

Purchasing Notes (Department of Finance and Administration)

Purchasing Law Update (State Auditor’s Office)

State Procurement Card Program

DFA State Procurement Card Guidelines

MDE Procurement Card Program Guidelines

MDE Policies and Procedures Manual Section 16.0, Page 10 - State Procurement Card Program

Forms and Instructions:

Exceptions Report

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