Updates and Template Revisions

Board Item Templates

  • 03/06/12      Multi-year contract template: moved renewal statement
  • 03/02/12      Contract renewal template: revised to include renewal statement
  • 02/10/12      Revised No-cost contract
  • 01/20/12      NEW No-cost contract
  • 09/27/11      Deleted the bullet in front of “Funding Source” for contacts and grants
  • 09/14/11      Grants: “Initial Grant Period” changed to “Current Grant Period” / “Initial Award Amount”
                          changed to “Current Award Amount”
  • 09/14/11      Contracts: “Term of Contract” changed to “Term of Current Contract”
  • 08/15/11      NEW Legislative grant award
  • 08/08/11      Grant Award: Changed “Funding Source” from underline to bullet format and listed under the
                          “Method of Award”
  • 07/29/11      Revised multi-year contract item template

Contract Worker Templates

  • 03/18/13      Form I-9 Revised
  • 05/15/13      Added new template for PERS retirees effective July 1, 2013
  • 05/07/12      Revised to add MOU clause
  • 11/01/11      Travel Policy revised due to meal reimbursement increase

Independent Contractor Templates

  • 03/01/13     Both short and long templates:  deleted the E-Payment & E-Invoicing clause; added the following new clauses: E-Payment clause; Transparency clause; Paymode clause
  • 05/07/12      Revised to add MOU clause and Indemnification clause
  • 11/09/11      Updated the long contract templates to include “successful evaluation of performance” language
  • 11/01/11      Travel Policy revised due to meal reimbursement increase
  • 08/12/11      Revisions made to long contract
  • 08/09/11      Revisions made to long contract over $100,000
  • Grant Templates
  • 11/01/11      Travel Policy revised due to meal reimbursement increase
  • 07/22/11      Revised Long Grant Agreement

Request for Proposal Template

  • 08/16/13 Updated template to include Attachment B and Part VII
  • 02/22/13    Qualifications section-listed all five of the "minimum information" items as indicated in PSCRB Regulations 3-203.04.2(h); added a new E-Payment clause; added a new Transparency clause; added a new Paymode Clause; moved the MOU clause out from under the Standard Terms and Conditions; modified the sample Table of Contents
  • 02/14/13    Added template revision date; inserted the new MDE logo; deleted yellow highlights and replaced with red text; added a sample Table of Contents;  added additional A. Request for information
  • 03/22/12     Minor change to Request for information section
  • 11/09/11     Added "successful evaluation of performance" language to the Time Frame section
  • 10/31/11      Added “personnel” clause
  • 09/13/11      Change of address for PSCRB (Item 11 under standard terms and conditions)
  • 09/13/11      Revised the advertisement letter for an RFP
  • 08/12/11      Changed the order of forms

Proposal Evaluation Process

  • 11/08/11      Revised the Statement of Confidentiality Form
  • 11/08/11      Revised the Conflict of Interest Form
  • 11/08/11      Revised the Evaluator Guidelines
  • 07/22/11      Revised Evaluator Sign-in Sheet

Policies and Procedures

  • 02/20/12      Effective July 1, 2012, the employer contribution rate will increase for PERS from 12.93 to 14.26 percent
  • 09/23/11      Updated MDE Procurement Policies and Procedures
  • 07/01/11      The Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) has enacted two (2) changes affecting
                          MDE contracts with retirees
  • 11/21/11      Only one (1) signed original of a contract is required to be submitted to Procurement
  • 11/21/10      Only one (1) signed original of a grant agreement is required to be submitted to Procurement
  • 11/21/10      State Board of Education Policy 2500 was revised to increase the threshold for SBE approval
                          of contracts from $20,000 personal services cost to $50,000 total cost (including travel)

RESA Facilitation

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