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“Taking Care of Business:  Food Safety and Finance for School Nutrition Managers”

Brief Explanation of Course Links

Link 1:  Read This First

This link provides a brief summary of the expectations and outcomes of the course for School Foodservice Program Managers. Please read this section thoroughly before proceeding to Link 2.

Link 2:  Class Outline

This is a brief outline of the requirements and items needed to successfully complete each class assignment.  Managers will not need to bring any items to class until instructed to do so. More specific instructions for downloading documents and technology-based assignments will be provided at the end of each class session.

Link 3:  School Food Safety Plan Template

This template will help you/your managers revise or update the required school foodservice safety plan for their work site.  Although the template is 95 pages, only pages 1-16 of this template must be completed for the class assignment.  Keep in mind, however, that SFSAs should have a complete plan on file and at each site.

Link 4:  Financial Management Forms

Finance Form #1
Finance Form #5
Finance Form #6r
Finance Form #15
Finance Form #19r

Managers will use the forms in this section during the financial management discussion of the course. Only forms 1, 5, 6, 15, & 19 are required. Instructions for completing these forms will be provided during the class.

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