How to Join the State Purchasing Program

A School District may join now by taking the following steps.

  1. Write to the Mississippi Department of Education and request a commitment form.
  2. Upon receipt of the form, have it signed by the superintendent (or executive director of your organization) and return to this office.
  3. Provide the Purchasing Division with a list of sites at which food will be delivered.
  4. A statement will be provided to you for the fees for current school year. Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of statement.
  5. Schedule a time with the Purchasing staff for an on-site training on the ordering system and rules and regulations of ordering and deliveries.
  6. This agency complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity and does not discriminate against anyone protected by the law because of age, color, national origin, race, sex, or handicap.




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