National School Lunch Program Frequently Asked Questions

National School Lunch Program FAQ

  • What is the National School Lunch Program?

  • How does the National School Lunch Program work?

  • What are the nutritional requirements for school lunches?

  • How do children qualify for free and reduced-price meals?

  • What other support do schools get from USDA?

  • What types of foods do schools get from USDA?

  • How many children have been served over the years?

  • How much does the program cost?

  • How do you code procurement fees for the Statewide Purchasing program?

  • May CNP pay for the expense of existing grease traps?

  • When the site doesn't meet 50% Free/Reduced but all the enrollees for the After School Snack program have current meal applications approved for free meals, may these students receive this snacks?

  • Which month's report of Free/Reduced eligibilities is used for snack sites?

  • I sent our list of those families (with food stamps), who had been pulled for verification. The Food Stamp office will not release this information, what do I do?

  • Can Free and Reduce Priced Meal Applications capture income as whole dollar amounts or must it capture cents?

  • Can a school district purchase backup generators for use with refrigerators, coolers and freezers in anticipation of power outages, such as during a hurricane?

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