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Title I 1003(a) Funding

School Support Services also administers and supports the application process for Title I 1003(a) funding.



The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides funds to local educational agencies (LEAs) for the purpose of building the capacity of schools to increase student achievement, in accordance with section 1003 of ESEA as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and as approved in Mississippi’s ESEA Flexibility Request (Request).



As approved through the Request, a state educational agency (SEA) may allocate section 1003(a) funds to its LEAs in order to serve any of the State’s Priority and Focus schools that meet the definitions of “priority schools” and “focus schools,” respectively, provided the school does not also receive 1003(g) grant dollars in the same year. In accordance with section 1003, the SEA shall give priority to LEAs that serve the lowest achieving schools to ensure that funds are used to enable these schools to meet the criteria for exiting Priority and Focus designations.



All qualifying applicants will receive awards based on a prescribed formula that provides a base allocation relative to the school designation (Priority School designation: $90,000 per school site; Focus School designation: $40,000 per school site). Any remaining amount after the base allocation is allocated will be based on a per pupil amount, based upon the total number of students enrolled in the eligible schools.


Uses of Funds

Schools may use funds to support interventions needed to address the school’s reason for receiving the designation. As these funds are a part of Title I, the same limitations to expenditures apply (e.g., Supplement not Supplant).


FY14 Title I 1003(a) Application Documents

FY14 Title I 1003(a) Cover Letter 

FY14 Title I 1003(a) Application

FY14 Title I 1003(a) Qualifying Schools with Allocations  


FAQs on the FY14 Title I 1003(a) Application

Q: The application references an “At a Glance” page. What is this document?

A: Page 29 of the FY14 CFPA, which is titled Priority/Focus School Interventions, is what is referred to as the Expenditures at a Glance page for Focus and Priority schools.

Q: Is the Title I 1003(a) allocation in addition to the allocation from Title I Part A?

A: Yes. The 1003(a) allocation is an additional funding source available only to Priority and Focus schools, and is in addition to the funds available through the CFPA.

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