Educator Quality

The Division of Quality Professionals and Special State Schools is dedicated to providing highly skilled teachers and administrators in Mississippi's to service public and private academic institutions. The following bureaus and special schools fall under this division: 

Mississippi Teacher Center

The Mississippi Teacher Center was established in 1994 to recruit and retain quality teachers for Mississippi classrooms. The goals of the Center are to recruit new and former teachers into the teaching profession, retain quality teachers through its enhancement programs, promote the importance of the teaching profession through an annual marketing campaign, and collaborate with school districts, colleges, universities, businesses, and communities to provide a quality education for all children.

Educator Licensure

The Office of Educator Licensure’s overall purpose is to develop, recommend and implement licensure standards for educators and to develop a process by which all teachers of core academic subjects meet or exceed the highly qualified definition by the end of the school year 2005 – 2006 and to collaborate with public and private entities providing teacher and administrator preparation and training.

Troops to Teachers

The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program helps individuals who have served in the military make a successful transition into a rewarding teaching career. TTT was established in 1994 as a Department of Defense program. Its primary goal is to help recruit quality teachers for schools that serve low-income families throughout America. TTT helps relieve teacher shortages, especially in math, science, special education and other high-need subject areas. For more information, visit our Troops to Teachers page. 

Mississippi School for the Blind

The Mission of the Mississippi School for the Blind (MSB) is to promote a strong foundation for learning and independence. This mission is accomplished by providing specialized adapted services and materials to enhance maximum potential for students with visual impairments of blindness. The school endeavors to give pupils the same extent and scope of education that pupils receive who attend other public schools in the state. Additionally, MSB provides training across the expanded core curricula to meet the specific needs of visually impaired students and serves as a resource for the state. 

Mississippi School for the Deaf

The mission and the responsibility of the Mississippi School for the Deaf are to serve deaf and hard of hearing children. To promote the success of all deaf and hard of hearing students by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a comprehensive, quality, instructional, vocational and residential program. To coordinate a system of support services assuring and enabling deaf and hard of hearing students an equal and accessible opportunity to achieve their maximum potential to become successful, independent and productive citizens. To provide a program in a bilingual/multicultural environment whereby the students’ social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development can be fostered. 

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science (MSMS) is a public, residential, co-educational high school for academically talented juniors and seniors. Created by legislative enactment on July 1, 1987, MSMS is located on the campus of the Mississippi University for Women (MUW) in Columbus, Mississippi, and is governed by the State Board of Education. The mission of MSMS is to enhance the future of Mississippi by providing innovative learning experiences in a residential environment to meet the needs of gifted and talented students and by providing quality leadership and aggressive outreach programs for teachers and students from across our state.

Mississippi School of the Arts

The Mississippi School of the Arts is a residential school that provides advanced programs of study in music, theatre, visual arts, dance, literary arts, and media arts for artistically gifted eleventh and twelfth grade students from throughout Mississippi. At the Mississippi School of the Arts, we envision a challenging, dynamic, supportive community of diverse learners where artists imagine, create, and realize a better world in which to live and work. The mission of the Mississippi School of the Arts is to provide a challenging arts education for artistically gifted and talented Mississippi students in a residential learning environment that promotes honor, integrity, service, and life-long learning.

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