Educator Licensure


Licensed educators seeking to serve in administrative positions in Mississippi K-12 public or parochial schools must become certified as administrators. Administrator certification can be obtained through:

  • Traditional – degree program in Educational Leadership
  • Alternate Route – the Mississippi Alternate Path to Quality School Leadership program is the approved program being offered for alternative administrator certification
1. Traditional  Note: A masters, specialist or doctorate in Educational Leadership/Administration is specifically designated for Administrator K-12 certification. With that degree, all Administrative requirements must be met before the class level of the license can be upgraded.

Approved SEMI and OSL trainings - practicing K-12 school administrators that have earned Standard Career Administrator status must renew their certification by earning SEMI credits.

The Mississippi Department of Education, through the various Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA), are providing Orientation of School Leader (OSL) training modules. A total of 30 two day OSL modules are being offered through the RESAs, and then any NISL trainings that are taking place also carry OSL credit. The 30 two-day OSL modules are funded by MDE and will be no cost to the participants. NISL trainings carry OSL credit as well, and the cost is either paid by the participant or a local school district. Please note that all these trainings also carry SEMI credit.

Educator Licensure Resources

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