The Office of Curriculum and Instruction houses the state's dyslexia program. The coordinator for this program offers technical assistance to schools, districts, parents and interested parties.

The Office is responsible for assisting parents who are pursuing a scholarship or transfer under the dyslexia therapy scholarship legislation (House Bill 1031). Individuals with questions about this process may contact the staff at 601.359.2586.

HB 1031 Guidance for Public and Non-Public Schools

HB 1031 School Verification and Assurances 2014-2015

HB 1031 Scholarship Application 2014-2015

Technical assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Mississippi Dyslexia Handbook
  • Current, scientifically-based information regarding dyslexia
  • Answers to questions and concerns by phone and email

Understanding Dyslexia Video Series

This video series provides information about dyslexia and samples of techniques that can be used to enable children to cope with this cognitive disability. The presenter will give a brief history of the evolution of the common labels of dyslexia. The misconceptions about these and other labels will be briefly described. The participants will experience what it is like to have dyslexia through a short exercise. This will be followed with examples of remediations, adaptations and accommodations that educators can use to help dyslexic children to develop basic skills for reading, writing, spelling and math.

Full PDF and descriptions available here.

1) Labels of Dyslexia
2) Writing Exercise
3) Other Learning Problems: Math and Dyslexia
4) Either/Or Confusion and Dyslexia
5) Blurred Hearing and Dyslexia
6) Handwriting and Dyslexia
7) Visual Perception and Dyslexia
8) Memory Concepts and Dyslexia
9) Environmental Triggers and Dyslexia
10) The Racing Mind and Dyslexia
11) Demonstration of Patterns and Dyslexia


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The SharePoint website document library for dyslexia contains current information and presentations related to dyslexia.

House Bill 1031 Webinar
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