What Parents Need to Know

You may have already noticed that your children’s homework is getting tougher. They are expected to learn in new ways and educators are expected to teach more in depth. Mississippi’s students and teachers can meet the challenge of these higher standards but they need your support to succeed.

If you notice your child is struggling in a certain area, talk with your child’s teacher to identify strategies and resources that may be helpful. You are empowered to find ways to make sure your child reaches his/her full potential under these new standards.

What will Mississippi College- and Career-Ready Standards (MCCRS) mean to students and parents? 

  • With the MCCRS, parents will know exactly what their children should learn by the end of each grade level. 
  • The new standards are more rigorous and students will be learning important concepts in earlier grades.
  • The MCCRS shifts instruction from high school completion to college- and career-readiness for every student.
  • When the standards are fully implemented, parents will see that each grade covers fewer topics, but teaches content in much greater depth.
  • Curriculum and assessments are evolving to align with the MCCRS.
  • With the MCCRS, parents can be assured that their students are learning to the same high-quality standards as other students across the country.
  • New tests will measure learning under MCCRS. These tests will be more difficult, which will mean that scores will be lower initially.
  • To see the difference between a math test question under the current system and MCCRS, click here.
  • To see the difference between a English test question under the current system and MCCRS, click here.

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