What Community Members Need To Know

The standards were developed through a state-led initiative spearheaded by governors and school chiefs. The federal government was not involved in the development of the standards.

Mississippi College/Career Standards draws from the best existing standards in the country and are benchmarked to the top performing nations around the world, ensuring that our students are well prepared to compete with their peers abroad for the jobs of the future. They are aligned with college and workforce expectations. 

We all agree that we want the best for our children. MCCRS will be the platform for the educational improvements they deserve. 

Mississippi needs an informed and supportive team of committed parents, elected officials, business leaders, and community members to help ensure that implementation of Mississippi’s college and career-ready standards is successful..

Why is supporting MCCRS important?

  • The top 25 fastest growing careers in Mississippi require education beyond high school, whether it’s a two-year or four-year degree.
  • Based on a report of 2011 ACT scores, only 11 percent of Mississippi students were ready for college in English, math, reading and science, compared to 25 percent of students nationwide – the worst in the nation.
  • Test scores show Mississippi is farthest behind the rest of the nation in math and science. More than half the state's seniors meet the benchmark in English, but only 14 percent do so in science. Nationally, 67 percent of students meet the English benchmark while 31 percent do so in science.
  • In Mississippi, the percent of 4th grade students considered proficient in reading is 21.8 percent versus the national average of 32.4 percent, based on a 2011 NAEP report. For 8th grade students, 21 percent were proficient in reading versus 31.6 percent nationally. That puts Mississippi at the bottom of the list.

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