State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Local Reimbursement Expense Items-Travel
CODE: 9203
ADOPTION DATE: June 21, 1991
REVISION: October 21, 2011

The Office of Career and Technical Education shall reimburse local public secondary and community/junior college school districts and certain state institutions for specific approved travel expenses necessary for the provisions of career and technical education.

A. Local Travel

1. Vocational Project Funds & 85% Funds
Travel reimbursement for career personnel funded by CTE project funds may be reimbursed for local travel not to exceed the state set mileage rate, provided this expense is approved in the project.

2. Other Special Funds
Special project personnel approved and funded by funds administered by the Office of Career and Technical Education may be reimbursed for official travel from the special funds not to exceed the state's maximum rates and the project approved amount.

B. Conference Travel

1. CTE Funds
Conference travel/subsistence expenses may be reimbursed by the Office of Career and Technical Education directly to the approved local CTE personnel or the local education agency and to others who render a service to CTE education by serving on committees, councils, etc. All expenses shall be approved and authorized in advance by the CTE Office.

Expenses approved for reimbursement may be limited to less than Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated 25-3-41, but cannot be for more than allowed under this code.

2. Adult/Other Special Funds
Conference travel for special training workshops, etc., may be written into the individual projects for CTE funds. Prior written approval is to be requested for out-of-state travel. Approval or disapproval will be given by the CTE Office.

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