State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Local Reimbursable Expense Items
CODE: 9201
ADOPTION DATE: June 21, 1991
REVISION: November 18, 2011

The Office of Career and Technical Education shall reimburse local public secondary and community/junior college school districts and certain state institutions for specific approved equipment, supplies, and other expenses necessary for the provisions of vocational and technical education.

A. Equipment

1. CTE Funds 
Local program equipment necessary for the operation of a CTE complex/program may be considered as a 100% reimbursable expense.

2. Other Special Funds
Equipment necessary for the conduct of Special approved instructional programs may be 100% reimbursed subject to the approved project funding limitations.

B. Supplies

1. CTEl Funds
The Office of Career and Technical Education shall not reimburse supply expenses for programs approved for reimbursement with CTE funds. Exceptions to this may be negotiated on guidance programs, CTE programs funded from 85% Carl Perkins III, Student Service, Tech Prep, some excessive cost programs where services are rendered to the Office of Career and Technical Education, and some special projects.

2. State Industrial Projects Funds
The cost of supplies not provided by the local educational agency or the industry may be negotiated with the Office of Career and Technical Education for reimbursement when providing industrial start-up training programs, and is included in the project.

3. Other Special Funds
The necessary supply cost for Special Fund programs are considered as a reimbursable expense and may be included in the project.

C. Other Expenses

Special Project funded programs may have other costs in an approved program in addition to the preceding list of items if these are necessary to the project.

Eighty-five percent (85%) Carl Perkins III, Student Services , and Tech Prep funded projects may have limited other costs in an approved program in addition to the preceding list of items if those are excess cost items not provided to other vocational programs by the local educational agency.

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