State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Equipment Sales
CODE: 8802
ADOPTION DATE: May 18, 2001

Districts that have accumulated obsolete equipment purchased with State Funds with a combined value of more than $25,000, may petition the Office of Vocational and Technical Education for permission to sell this equipment at an auction. Prior to such a sale, the district must have an appraisal conducted by a certified organization to determine the fair market value of the equipment. The district must then file proposal with the Office of Vocational and Technical Education detailing how the district will reinvest the monies gained from the auction back into the Vocational Programs. The Director of the Office of Instructional Development must approve this plan.

Once the auction has been completed, the district may deduct any expenses related to the appraisal and auctioning of the equipment. The district shall submit records to the Office of Vocational and Technical Education detailing the amounts of money raised at the auction, minus any related expenses.

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