State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Work-Based Learning Coordinator
CODE: 8404
REPEALED: 10/2011

Local Work-Based Learning Coordinators

The Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator is responsible for coordination of classroom instruction and work-site learning experiences for students enrolled in Work-Based Learning.

1. The coordinator is responsible for operating the Work-Based Learning program according to state approved guidelines that are published in the document entitled, "Designing and Implementing Work-Based Learning Programs in Mississippi."

2. This position shall be a full-time reimbursed position for two-hundred forty days.

3. This position shall not be assigned to any activity, which restricts the coordinator's involvement with employers/students during the regular school day. Additional duties and responsibilities of the coordinator include:

      A. Ensure coordination with vocational and technical programs.

      B. Provide in-service education to academic and vocational-technical instructors and WBL students on SCANS, employability skills, work maturity skills, and citizenship skills.

      C. Serve as the community/junior college representative on the WBL Advisory Committee (cannot hold office on committee).

      D. Ensure classroom instruction is coordinated with work-site learning experiences.

      E. Ensure students eligibility is implemented prior to admission to the WBL Program.

      F. Develop and coordinate work-site learning activities jointly with business/industry personnel, and vocational-technical instructors as documented in student's educational training contract.

      G. Coordinate regularly scheduled evaluation of student trainees with business/industry personnel.

      H. Effectively design and implements a marketing plan, which acquaints and/or recruits students and business/industry for participation in WBL.

      I. Ensure that participants in WBL are reflective of the special population.

    4. This position shall report directly to the local district or center director.

Legal Reference:      MS Code 37-31-103

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