State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Career and Technical Education Live Work Projects
CODE: 8210
ADOPTION DATE: June 25, 1985
REVISION: October 21, 2011

All live work shall be directly related to the instructional model presently in progress unless prior approval is obtained from the career administrator. Live work must be scheduled in advance to allow the instructor to incorporate the project into his/her instructional plan. All live work performed in a career lab must be performed by students enrolled in the program and must be related to the instructional program itself.

Under no circumstances shall any work performed or service rendered in a career facility be in direct competition with the commercial market.

Completed projects resulting from lab construction which utilizes supplies and materials purchased with public funds, such as: storage houses, trailers, portable buildings, cabinetry, etc., shall be inventoried and shall become the property of the state or the local school, or shall be disposed of in a manner consistent with state law.

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