State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Program Definitions for Career and Technical Education
CODE: 8104
ADOPTION DATE: June 25, 1985
REVISION: October 21, 2011

The State Board of Education has adopted the following program definitions for the Office of Career and Technical Education.

A. Skill - Programs that provide occupationally specific or entrepreneurial training for a skill-level occupation.

B. Technical - Programs which provide specific technical training for occupations generally classified as technical and paraprofessional.

C. Businesses and Industry Specific - Programs which provide training packages tailored to meet the needs of (1) small business, (2) new and expanding business and industry, (3) multiple business and industry, and (4) retraining for new product lines.

D. Adult Career and Technical Education - Programs and courses which train and prepare adults for all aspects of an occupation, in which job openings are projected or available.

E. Basic Vocational - Programs which provide a "common core" of basic skills for entrance into all vocational skill programs or entry into semi- skilled occupations.

F. Discovery - Programs that provide Career Orientation/Knowledge, Computer Skills/Knowledge, Technology Skills/Knowledge in the clusters of Agriculture/Natural Resources, Health/Human Sources Technology, Business/Marketing Technology, and Engineering/Industrial Technology, Arts and Humanities.

Legal Reference: Public Law 105-332, Sec. 2(3), (26), (29)(A), Sec. 114(a), Sec. 122(c)(1)(A).

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