State Board Policy

CODE: 7912
ADOPTION DATE: June 22, 1990
REVISION: March 27, 2012

The school boards of two or more school districts are authorized to jointly establish, maintain and operate a school bus garage or repair shop for the servicing, repair and maintenance of district-owned buses. Prior to establishing a jointly operated school bus garage or repair shop, the respective school boards shall enter into a written agreement which shall include the following:

1. Mississippi Code Section 37-41-35 provides authority for such agreement.

2. Terms of the agreement must be cited by resolution of the board minutes of each school district and/or governing authority which is a party to the agreement.

3. Agreement must specify its purpose(s).

4. Agreement specifies the mechanics of day to day operations to include the following:

a. The manner of financing, purchasing, staffing, supplying and budgetingfor the joint operation.
b. The mechanism for processing of receipts and disbursements and accounting for the joint funds of the undertaking.
c. The administrative responsibilities of each party to the joint agreement.

5.  Agreement must specify its duration.

6. Agreement includes a mechanism for termination or amendment of the agreement. 

7. Agreement provides for the disposition of property upon termination or amendment of the agreement.

8. Agreement is filed with the State Department of Education, Office of Safe and Orderly Schools.


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