State Board Policy

CODE: 7910
ADOPTION DATE: March 27, 1992
REVISION: March 27, 2012

The school board of any school district shall have authority to lease school buses as follows:

1. The terms of the lease shall be a mutual agreement between the lessee and lessor and shall conform to all state laws and State Board of Education regulations.

2. All school bus leases must comply with the general purchase laws.

3. Any school bus leases for the purpose of transporting pupils to and from school and related activities shall meet the minimum standards approved by the State Board of Education for the year in which the bus was manufactured.

4. A public school district may lease school buses from another public school district without advertising.

5. All school buses leased by a school district shall be operated according to the policies outlined in the state Department of Education's Pupil Transportation Guide.

6. A copy of the lease agreement shall be filed with the State Department of  Education, Office of Safe and Orderly Schools, Division of Transportation.

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