State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Basic Job Description and Responsibilities
CODE: 7904
REVISION: May 16, 1993

It is the responsibility of the school bus driver to operate the school bus in a safe and efficient manner and to abide by all state traffic laws, SBE regulations and local school board regulations.

Job functions shall include but not be limited to the following:

1. Conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection of the school bus. 2. Keep exterior mirrors clean and adjusted at all times.

3. Perform a minimum of two school bus evacuation drills each school year utilizing appropriate emergency procedures.

4. Know, recognize and obey road signs and signals by meanings, shapes, sounds and colors.

5. Keep the interior of the bus clean.

6. Maintain routes and schedules as planned by the local school board.

7. Report any hazards along the existing route to appropriate school officials.

8. Exercise the effective defensive driving skills of self-control, alertness, foresight and good judgment at all times while operating the school bus.

9. Maintain discipline on the school bus without jeopardizing safety while driving.

10. Remain alert at all times to hazards, including but not limited to poor weather conditions, other vehicles, road conditions and trains at railroad crossings.

11. Complete all reports on bus discipline, bus maintenance and any other reports required by the local school board.

12. The driver shall not, at any time, permit pupils to stand in the stepwell or loading area or where the pupil would likely fall out of the bus, if the rear emergency door was opened, or where the driver's view is obscured.

13. Local school boards may supplement the minimum bus driver job description and responsibilities as deemed necessary for safe and efficient student transportation.

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