State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Resource Program Numbers
CODE: 7217
REPEALED: 9/2011

 The following process shall be used to allocate special education teacher units for 1992-93:

1. We will not approve any teacher units for creatively or artistically gifted classes; that is in compliance with current state statute. If that changes by action of the Legislature, we will go back and add classes in accord with the statute and data from each district.

2. We will only approve up to the same number of teacher units for intellectually and academically gifted that were approved under the minimum program for the 1991-92 school session. The actual approval will be based on numbers of students reported by the district and our current maximum/minimum numbers not to exceed the 1991-92 numbers. Should Legislative action require us to go back and adjust that, we will do so.

3. We will work the requests for teachers in the handicapped programs based on our current minimums/maximums. However, should the request be for additional "handicapped units" beyond the number earned under the minimum program for the 1991-92 session, we will recompute the request using a maximum for resource classes of 20 instead of 18. We would propose to use that method for 1992-93 ONLY to control some of the growth and make sure we come within our estimated special education units for 1992-93. It is our belief that resource teachers can handle the additional 2 students in this emergency situation.

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