State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Teacher Unit Approval
CODE: 7202
REPEALED: 9/2011

1.  Each district will receive an allocation of exceptional student teacher units for the next school session by April 5 of the current year. The allocation will be based on the numbers of students being served during the current year and in line with the minimum/maximum numbers for exceptional student programs as outlined in State regulations. In the event that the total allocation is more than the number of units approved by the Legislature, districts will be notified of this deficit.

2.  District exceptional student programs will be approved by December 15 of the current year. Approval will be based on State regulations covering teacher certification standards, justification of separate facilities, justification of EMR resourcing, justification of unusual combinations of students, and the superintendent's assurance of compliance with regulations.

3.  Allocations of exceptional student teacher units based on the previous year's numbers may be increased if the district can show the need by October 15 of the current year.

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