State Board Policy

CODE: 6008
ADOPTION DATE: March 16, 1990




The following four types of roofing systems will be accepted. Any other type of roof system must have written approval of the State Department of Education:

a. A four-ply fiber glass hot applied built-up roofing system.

b. A single-ply ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) which can be loose laid, adhered or mechanically attached.

c. A modified bitumen system which can be heat welded, hot bitumen, or adhered; and with a surfacing which shall completely cover the membrane.

d. A standing seam metal roof system shall be from a single manufacturer with a minimum of 24 gauge galvalume sheets attached to slip clips for expansion and all seams double locked or pittsburged rolled.

Roofs shall be specified, as well as guaranteed, as a system and shall include vapor retarders, insulation, bitumen, felts, membranes, flashings, metals, decks, and/or anyother items where required by the proposed roof design. All manufacturer's materialsused in the roofing system shall be specified to meet the latest available ASTM standards for individual components of the roofing system. Certification from the roofing manufacturer shall be furnished at the pre-roofing conference as well as when the material is delivered to job site. 2. GUARANTEE

a. The four-ply built-up roof system shall have a 20-year unlimited manufacturer's guarantee for water tightness covering material and workmanship on the entire system.

b. The single-ply EPDM system shall have a 15-year manufacturer's guarantee for water tightness covering material and workmanship on the entire system, limited to the installation cost of the roof system.

c. The modified bitumen roof system shall have a 20-year manufacturer's guarantee for water tightness covering material and workmanship on the entire system, limited to the installation cost of the roof system.

d. The standing seam metal roof shall have a 20-year, 6-month unlimited manufacturer's guarantee for water tightness covering material and workmanship on the entire system.

e. In addition to the above guarantee, the general contractor and/or the roofing contractor shall provide a written guarantee agreeing to keep the roof free of leaks for a period of two (2) years starting at the time of acceptance of the project by owner.

3. ROOF SLOPES a. All roof construction on new buildings shall have a built-in minimum slope to drains or eaves of 1/4 inch per foot. b. All replacement roofs shall have a minimum slope of ¼ inch per foot where feasible; but in no case shall the slope be less than 1/8 inch per foot. Justification must be requested and approved by the State Department of Education for roofs less than 1/4 inch per foot.

4. SUBSTRATE The type roof system selected shall be compatible with the substrate and shall be approved by the roofing material manufacturer. All decking material used for roofing shall be UL fire rated.

5. INSULATION a. Roof insulation shall be of the type approved by the roofing manufacturer for the roof assembly in which it is to be used. The required minimum "R" value shall be specified. b. On replacement roof projects that do not have a sloping deck, tapered insulation shall be used where feasible.

6. ROOF TOP EQUIPMENT a. Roof top equipment on new construction is not desirable, and the building should be designed to eliminate the use of this equipment. However, where equipment must be installed on a roof, it shall be approved by the State Department of Education and shall be installed in accordance with NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) design details which shall be such that roofing can be easily accomplished without the removal of the equipment. b. Where equipment on the roof must be periodically serviced, easy access and traffic pads shall be provided.


a. Flashings should be included in the roof warranty and shall be applied by an applicator approved by the manufacturer of the roofing material.

b. In re-roofing projects, existing metal flashings which are not to be replaced may be exempted from the warranty.

c. Perimeter metal flashing shall be of a material other than galvanized steel.


1. A report shall be prepared by the professional which will include the following items:

a. New Construction

   1. Code fire-protection requirement and the required fire resistance in hours

   2. UL roof assembly numbers

   3. Type of flashing and roofing system recommended with justification for its use

   4. Roof area

b. Existing Construction

   1. Determination of roof construction--core where necessary

   2. Visual roof analysis inspection (See form attached.)

   3. Code requirements--UL roof assembly number, if applicable

   4. Provide Class A type roof or match existing roof

   5. Recommendations by the professional as to repair or re-roof



a. For new construction and complete tear-off of existing roofs, the professional shall specify the roof as a system and shall include all items which are to be covered under the roof warranty.

b. When required, the professional shall state in the section, Instructions to Bidders, that upon award of contract, the General Contractor and/or Roofing Contractor shall provide the owner with the installed price of the roofing system.

2. QUALITY ASSURANCE If requested, the roof contractor shall provide to the Local Education Agency a letter from the manufacturer of the required roofing materials that it is an authorized installerand will provide the required specified warranty for completion.

3. CONFERENCES a. Pre-Bid Conference It is recommended that at least seven (7) days before the bidding of a re-roofing project,

a pre-bid conference be held at the project site. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is not a prerequisite for bidding.

b. Pre-Roofing Conference On new and re-roofing projects prior to ordering roofing materials, a pre-roofing conference shall be initiated by the professional. At such time the roofing contractor shall provide a list of materials to be used, manufacturers installation instructions as well as manufacturer's certification confirming that the materials to be used on the project meet the specified ASTM Standards. On re-roofing projects, the following personnel shall be represented:

Professional Roofing Contractor
State Department of Education Roofing Manufacturer
Local Education Agency On new projects the following shall be represented:

Professional General Contractor
State Department of Education Roofing Contractor
Local Education Agency Deck Contractor
Roofing Manufacturer Mechanical Contractor


a. Inspections shall be made by the manufacturer's technical representative as necessary to obtain the roof guarantee.

b. The professional or his representative shall inspect the roof as the work progresses, but in particular, he shall inspect at the following times and give a letter of confirmation:

  1. Inspect the substrate before any roofing is done.

  2. Inspect at the start of roofing installation to assure that the approved materials are being properly installed.

   3. Inspect as necessary as the work progresses or when a problem arises.

   4. Final inspection at the end of the work to give acceptance of the project.

5. HISTORICAL RECORD The professional shall assist the roofer in preparing the Roofing Data Sheet provided by the owner for the historical files. (See form attached.)

ANNUAL INSPECTION School districts are encouraged to contract with a professional or a roof inspector to inspect their roof on an annual basis and submit a written report of any needed repairs and budgeted costs to the school district superintendent.


Project No. _______ District ______________________ Date: __________________________
Building No. or Name ___________________________________________________________
School _____________________________________________ Use _____________________
Contact ____________________ Title: ______________ Phone _________________________
Professional _____________________________________ Phone _______________________


Roof Level No. _________________________ of _____________________________________
Age of Original Installation _______________________________________________________
Coring Required __________________ Data is Based on Coring __________________________

Interior: Design Temperature __________________ Design RH% __________________________
Water/Moisture Staining ______________________________________________________

Shingle Roof: Area No. _______ Area Sq. Ft. ______ Slope ______________________________

Type _________________________ Condition ___________________________________

Membrane Roof: Area No. ______ Area Sq. Ft. ______ Slope __________________________
Type: Coal Tar _________________________ Asphalt _____________________________
Single Ply/Attachment ___________________________________________________
Metal __________________________ Other _________________________________
No. of Felt Plies _______________ Type of Felts ___________________________________
Surfacing: Gravel _____________________ Pavers _________________________________
Smooth Unsurfaced ________________ Smooth Coated _________________________
Defects: (See Plan for No. Locations)
1. Bare Areas (denuded of surfacing) ______ Approx. Area __________________________
2. Exposed Felts: _________________________ Approx. Area ______________________
3. Eroded Felts: _________________________ Approx. Area _______________________
4. Alligatoring: _________________________ Approx. Area ________________________
5. Interply Delamination: ________________ Approx. Area _________________________
6. Blisters: _____________________________ No. or Area ________________________
7. Fractures: _____________ Type ___________ Area ____________________________
8. Drains __________ No. ____________ Dim. ___________________________________
Condition ______________________________________________________________
9. Ponding Water ___________ Depth __________ Area ___________________________
10. Expansion Joints ________ Type ____________________________________________
Length ____________________ Height ___________ No. ________________________
Distance between ________________________________________________________
11. Chemical Exposure ______________________ Type _____________________________
Amount ________________________________________________________________
12. Roof Traffic Pads ______________ Type _____________________________________
Extent ________________________________________________________________
13. Present Leaks ________________________ No. ________________________________
14. Fishmouths ___________________________ No. ________________________________
Size ___________________________________________________________________
15. Ridging ______________________________ Type ______________________________
Size ___________________________________________________________________
16. Slippage ________________________________________________________________
17. Mechanical Damage _______________________________________________________
Type ___________________________ Extent __________________________________
18. Debris __________________________________________________________________
19. Other ___________________________________________________________________

Vapor Retarder (Barrier): Type _______________ Condition _________________________________
Attachment _______________________________________________________________

Insulation: Type __________________________ Condition _________________________________
Thickness __________________________ Attachment _____________________________

Deck: Type _____________________________ Thickness ________________________________
Condition __________________________________________________________________

Roof Support Structure: Type ________________________________________________________
Spacing ______________________ Condition ___________________________________

Base Flashings: Type ________________ Condition _____________________________________
Height _________________________ Coatings _________________________________
Shear Action Evidenced _____________________________________________________

Cant Type: Type ____________________ Condition _____________________________________

Perimeter Treatment: Type_______________ Condition ___________________________________

Nailers: Y _____ N_____ Condition ___________________________________________________

Metal Components
Counterflashings: Type Metal _____________________________________________________
Type: Thru Wall ____________ Reglet _________________________________________
Surface Applied _____________ Condition ______________________________________
Scuppers: Type Metal ___________________________________________________________
Condition ________________________________________________________________
Gutters: Type Metal ________________ Type ________________________________________
Condition ________________________________________________________________
Pitch Pockets: Y _____ N _____ Condition ____________________________________________
Gravel Guard/Facia: Type Metal _____________________________________________________
Type _______________________ Condition ______________________________________
Expansion Joint Covers: Type Metal __________________________________________________
Type _______________________ Condition ______________________________________
Coping: Type Metal _____________ Size ______________________________________________
Condition __________________________________________________________________

Parapet: Type ____________________ Condition _______________________________________
Height _____________________________________________________________________

Coping: Type _____________________ Condition _______________________________________

Roof Penetrations: Type ________________ No. _________________________________________
Condition ___________________________________________________________________

Roof Hatch: Y _____ N _____ Condition ______________________________________

Roof Ladder: Y _____ N _____ Condition ______________________________________

Roof Mounted Equipment: Type ________________________________________________________

Clearance Height __________ Type Support _______________________________________
Condition __________________________________________________________________


No. of Squares in Total Project ____________________________________________________
No. of Squares Having Problems ___________________________________________________
No. of Squares Requiring Maintenance ______________________________________________
No. of Squares Requiring Re-roofing ________________________________________________
No. of Squares Requiring No Work _________________________________________________

Comments: _______________________________________________________________________

ROOF PLAN OVERVIEW: Identify roof types, slopes, gutters, downspouts, roof-drains, equipment, roof access, walkways and defects by numbers. Give approximate areas, North arrow and scale. Sketch typical section thru roof and deck at perimeter.

SUMMARY RECOMMENDATIONS: ______________________________________________

Prepared By ___________________________________________________________________

Title ________________________________ Date _____________________________________


Project No. ____________________ District ___________________________

School _________________________ Building Name ______________________

Professional ________________________________________________________

General Contractor __________________________________________________

Roofing Contractor __________________________________________________

Surety Company ______________________________ Policy No. ____________


New Roof _____ Re-roof _____ Patching _____ Other _____________________

Roof Type _________________ Trade Name ______________________________

Built-up Roof Bitumen: (Asphalt) (Coaltar) (Other____ _________________)
Plys: __________ Felt Type: ____________ Surfacing: ___________

Roof Deck Type: (Wood) (Metal) (Concrete) (Cementious) (Other________)

Insulation Type: ______________________ Thickness: ______________________

Flashing Materials: ___________________________________________________


Roofing Manufacturer ________________________________________________

Manufacturer's Guarantee Years: ______ Roofer Guarantee Years: ______________

Guarantee Title: ____________________________________ #________________

Beginning Date: __________________ Expiration Date: ______________________

Renewal Option: (Yes) (No) Renewal Period: ______________________

Area: __________ Squares. Limits, if any: $_____________ ______Per Square

Whole Building: (Yes) (No) Flashing on Guarantee: (Yes/No)

If only part of building is under guarantee, describe part:

BASIC BID $_________________
ALTERNATE BID $____________
CHANGE ORDERS $____________
TOTAL CONTRACT $___________

Name _______________________________________ Date ________________________________


SCHOOL: ___________________________________







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