State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Historical Sites
CODE: 6005
REPEALED: 3/2012

Criteria for Funding Restoration/Renovation of Historically and/or Architecturally Significant School Buildings or Educational Museums

House Bill 1669, passed during the 1995 regular legislative session, authorizes the expenditure of $250,000 for the purpose of restoring or renovating historically and/or architecturally significant school buildings or educational museums in accordance with criteria established by the State Board of Education. The State Department of Education will inform the owners of school buildings, that may be considered historically and/or architecturally significant, of the nature and availability of these funds and will distribute requests for proposals (RFP).

Criteria for awarding of funds will be based on the following information that will be solicited in the RFP:

    1. The applicant shall submit a narrative that outlines the history and significance of the building. The narrative shall also address the potential educational and/or community benefit of restoration/renovation, plan for continued maintenance and preservation, current use of the building and proposed use of the building.

     2. The applicant shall also submit the following:

      a. Projected cost of restoration/renovation
      b. Local matching funds available
      c. Amount of state funds requested
      d. Location, age, and condition of building
      e. Projected completion date of the project
      f. Other information required by the RFP

It shall be the responsibility of the owner to ensure compliance with state bid/construction laws and State Antiquities Act, Mississippi Landmark Procedures. All grantees shall file a final report upon completion of the project.

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