State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Application Evaluation
CODE: 6002
ADOPTION DATE: April 21, 1989

After a school district's Long Range Plan has been approved by the State Board of Education as required by Section 37-47-15, Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, the following criteria shall be utilized in the evaluation of project applications for funding under the Public School Building Fund:

  1. Actual and Projected Instructional Area deficit at the Attendance Center;

  2. Percentage of Total Floor Area of Attendance Center Needing Renovation (including re-roofing);

  3. District's Current Bonded Debt as a Percent of Property Assessment;

  4. District's Public School Building Fund Expenditures Per Pupil for last 5 years (aggregate);

  5. Date of most recent Public school Building Fund Allocation to District; and

  6. Current Public School Building Fund Loans Outstanding Per Student (district).

Appeals from decisions of the State Department of Education may be effected in the manner prescribed by law.
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