State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Consolidation of School Districts
CODE: 5151

Pursuant to Section 37-7-104, et seq. of the Mississippi Code, the Mississippi Legislature has required that certain school districts consolidate and that the Mississippi Board of Education promulgate rules and regulations to facilitate the consolidation of these school districts.This policy shall apply to all consolidations currently required by law and for any future consolidations that the Mississippi Legislature shall require.  These procedures shall be implemented by the Office of School Improvement, Oversight and Recovery and other assigned Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) staff.

The Board prescribes the following rules and regulations for consolidation of school districts:

     1.   Transition Team

           a.   The State Superintendent shall appoint a Transition Team that includes MDE staff members
                 and individuals not employed by MDE to facilitate transition to a new school board and
                 consolidated school district.
            b.   The school boards, superintendents, administrative and instructional staff of the school
                  districts required to consolidate shall work cooperatively with the MDE and the Transition
                  Team to facilitate the transition to the new consolidated district.
            c.   Unless otherwise provided by state law, this may include timelines and procedures for:

                  i.      Abolition of affected school districts and formation of consolidated school district.
                  ii.     Selection of administrators, establishment of contracts for licensed personnel and
                          hiring of un-licensed personnel for the consolidated district
                  iii.     Community meetings
                  iv.      Adoption of a set of school district policies for the consolidated district
                   v.     Consolidation of programs including but not limited to:

                             1.   Athletic programs and student organizations
                             2.   Bus routes
                             3.   Curriculum consistent with Common Core State Standards
                             4.   Districts’ business offices and financial accounting software
                             5.   Federal programs
                             6.   Food service
                             7.   Safety crisis plan
                             8.   Special education programs               

                 vi.    Transfer of assets from affected school districts to consolidated school district

                vii.     Transition to a new school board for the consolidated school district

         d.   This Transition Team shall establish procedures and a timeline for administrative consolidation
              of the affected school districts and shall serve notice and instructions on the affected school
              districts of the procedures and timeline

    2.   The Transition Team shall report periodically to the State Superintendent of Education.

The State Superintendent of Education will notify the Mississippi Board of Education of the progress of the Transition Team.

Source code:  Miss. Code Ann. §37-7-104, et seq.                                          (Adopted 7/2013)

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