State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Partnership with Regional Education Service Agencies
CODE: 5001
ADOPTION DATE: December 15, 2006

Partnership between Mississippi Department of Education and Regional Education Service Agencies

The Mississippi State Board of Education recognizes that for the past decade Mississippi 's Regional Educational Services Agencies have provided a sound statewide network of services to local school districts. The Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) will work in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education to increase their function as a local provider of educational services as provided in Section 37-7-345 (6) of the Mississippi Code.

The State Superintendent of Education shall designate a senior staff member as the Department's liaison to meet periodically with and be the primary contact to work with the state's RESAs on the collaborative partnership. The liaison will coordinate the utilization of resources and development of the following programs offered in conjunction with the RESAs:

a. Professional Development

b. Instructional Materials

c. Educational Technology

d. Curriculum Development

e. Alternative Educational Programs

f. Purchasing Cooperatives

g. Insurance Cooperatives

h. Business Manager Services

i. Auditing and Accounting Services

j. School Safety/Risk Prevention

k. Data Processing and Student Records

l. Communications/Public Information

m. Employee Background Checks

n. Grants Management

o. Printing/Publications

p. Internships.

Development of detailed-specific policy guidance will be contingent upon needed implementation of such programs in each RESA in the state and upon available resources.

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