State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM:Grants/Subgrants
CODE: 3900
ADOPTION DATE: November 18, 1994
REVISION: November 21, 2010

The Mississippi Department of Education Grants/Subgrants Policy set forth herein applies to the awarding of all grants and subgrants by the Mississippi Department of Education. Violation of this policy shall carry such penalties as may be applicable under state and federal laws. The awarding office shall be responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations governing the awarding of such grants and subgrants. The awarding of grant funds shall be governed by all applicable rules and regulations promulgated by the grantor, state and federal regulations, and policies approved by the Mississippi Board of Education.

Formula grants are awarded to eligible grantees on a non-competitive basis based upon a predetermined formula. Competitive grants are awarded to eligible grantees on the basis of a
competitive review process. Discretionary grants are awarded to eligible grantees based upon the requirements of the grantor.

Prior to the awarding of any grant, the Mississippi Board of Education shall approve the
methodology to be utilized in awarding the grants. In addition, any competitive or discretionary
grant award resulting in one or more entities receiving an amount of $50,000 or greater shall
require Board approval.

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