State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Policies for Carnegie Unit Credit
CODE: 3802
ADOPTION DATE: February 23, 2001
REVISION: December 19, 2012; April 17, 2015

  1. Any Mississippi public school student shall not be awarded Carnegie unit credit unless the core objectives identified in the Mississippi College and Career-Ready Standards or Mississippi Curriculum Framework have been mastered.

  2. For students entering a Mississippi public school from a regionally accredited private school or public school in another state for which the school did not award a Carnegie Unit even though the student successfully completed a course, the district may accept the course as meeting the requirement for the Required Subjects for a diploma in the state of Mississippi provided the district determines that the content of the course taken is comparable. However, the total Carnegie Unit requirement for the Curriculum Area remains the same.

  3. Students entering a public school in Mississippi from any regionally accredited public or private school that awarded a Carnegie Unit for the successful completion of a course, the district may accept the course as meeting the requirement for the “Required Subject” in Appendix A of the Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards.

  4. Any student previously enrolled in a Mississippi public school that failed a SATP exam and later transfers credit for the same SATP course from either a private school that is accredited regionally or by the state of Mississippi or an out-of-state public school must meet one of the graduation options in State Board Policy 3803.

  5. All students enrolled in one of the four end-of-course Subject Area Test courses must pass the course and participate in the applicable end-of-course Subject Area Test in order to earn the Carnegie Unit.

   Source Code: MS Code 37-17-6, 37-16-7 (Revised 4/2015)

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