State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Office of Educational Accountability
CODE: 301
REVISION: February 18, 2011

The State Board of Education is directed by §37-1-3 to identify all functions of the department that contribute to or comprise a part of the state system of educational accountability and to establish and maintain within the department the necessary organizational structure, policies and procedures for effectively coordinating such functions.

§37-151-9 created the Office of Educational Accountability within the State Department of Education and states that the Director and the Office of Educational Accountability reports at the will and pleasure of the State Board of Education may employ necessary professional, administrative and clerical staff. This office is responsible for the following:

  • Providing all reports to the Legislature, Governor, Mississippi Commission on School Accreditation and State Board of Education and respond to any inquiries for information;
  • Monitoring and reviewing programs developed under the Education Reform Act, the Mississippi Adequate Education Program Act of 1994, the Education Enhancement Fund, and subsequent education initiatives;
  • Performing an annual assessment of education reform programs by December 1 and present the findings to the Legislature, Governor, Mississippi Commission on School Accreditation and the State Board of Education;
  • Developing and maintaining a system of communications with school district personnel;
  • Providing opportunities for public comment on the current functions of the State Department of Education’s programs;
  • Assessing impact on school districts of new education programs; and,
  • Developing a public school reporting system, or “Mississippi Report Card” by collecting school, district, and state level achievement data in the appropriate grades as designated by the State Board of Education in all core subjects and compare the data with national standards to identify students’ strengths.
The State Board of Education expects the Director of the Office Educational Accountability to communicate and cooperate with the State Superintendent of Education.

The State Board of Education directs the Director and Office of Educational Accountability to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the statues of the State of Mississippi as stated above.

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