State Board Policy

DESCRIPTOR TERM: Credit Recovery Policy
CODE: 2905
ADOPTION DATE: May 19, 2008

The purpose of the credit recovery policy is to provide guidance to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with Credit Recovery Programs.

I. Credit recovery is defined as a course-specific, skill-based learning opportunity for students who have previously been unsuccessful in mastering content/skills required to receive course credit or earn promotion.

II. Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, any LEA who provides a Credit Recovery Program shall develop and implement a Credit Recovery Program that has been adopted by the school board and that includes rules, regulations, and processes. The rules, regulations, and processes shall be available to faculty, students, and parents/guardians. At a minimum, LEAs must address the following areas:

1) Admission to and removal from the Credit Recovery Program
a. LEAs shall establish an application process that requires parental consent.
b. LEAs shall establish minimum criteria to determine eligibility for participation in the Credit Recovery Program.
c. Students who have already received credit for a course are not eligible unless they have not passed the end of course test(s) required for graduation.
d. LEAs shall determine the number of Credit Recovery Courses that a student can take at one time.
e.Students shall not remain in a Credit Recovery Course for more than one year.

2) Instruction:
a. LEAs shall determine the instructional methodology used for the Credit Recovery Program (i.e., online program, Mississippi Virtual Public School (MVPS), direct instruction, computer assisted instruction, etc.).
b. LEAs shall provide professional development for teachers and facilitators involved with the Credit Recovery Program.

3) Content and Curriculum: Credit Recovery Curriculum shall be based on the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks competencies and objectives.

4) Grades: LEAs are responsible for establishing specific procedures for evaluation of student progress and determining grades.

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